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Established in 1989, this animal clinic has provided veterinary healthcare services for pet owners living in and around the beautiful city of Ipoh, Malaysia . Located strategically to the North-South Highway (Exit 139) with many easy access and ample parking space.

The animal clinic is a general practice that provides medical and surgical treatments for pets. This clinic is equipped with a diagnostic laboratory (for blood profiles), radiography ( x-rays) , ultrasonography, laparascopy and an equipped surgical theatre with advance patient monitoring. This is in line with our vision to provide a reliable and quality service the best we can, in view of the ever increasing demand for better pet healthcare services.

The animal clinic provides services in the area of pet population-control (neutering and spaying inclusive of pediatrics), basic and preventive healthcare such as vaccination, heartworm prohylaxis, dental prophylaxis and many others.

Surgeries such as general, soft tissue, gastro-intestinal, orthopedics. dental, ophthalmological (eye-related) & oncological (tumour resection & chemotherapy) and thoracic (open-chest) are also performed here.

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